About Us


The Scented Market recognized a need for more at home self-care by creating and hand-making products such as Scented Soy Candles, Room Sprays, Bath Salts, Bubble Bath, and so much more! We have created a lifestyle brand of products and pride ourselves in being eco-friendly. We use the best quality ingredients in our products while also being conscious of our environmental footprint by offering reusable, recyclable packaging. In addition, we have a jar return program at each store and offer candle refills. Our eco-friendly packaging combined with our self-care mission allows our community to bring the spa home and feel good about it.

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Kristy Miller was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario Canada. Her entrepreneurial
spirit bursts through her two companies she has created and established in her
community. Now a busy mom of three boys she has learned to find balance between
family and businesses while still positively motivating her female community. Kristy
recognized a lack of healthy, beautiful soy wax candles in the industry and now
makes and teaches how to choose a healthy candle, care for your candle and safety, in order to take some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the candlelight.

Kristy Miller