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Customer Love

Your candles are THE BEST! I realized about using yours how much the cheaper candles were affecting me. Gave me headaches, coughing, and breathing issues and didn’t stay lit. Yours are fabulous. Strong smell with no side effects and they burn beautifully and long. I’ve tried other “soy” based “natural scent” candles but they all have the same side effects. I’ll never buy any other candles again. Your “summer nights” candles also truly work to keep the bugs at bay. My mother-in-law has become a HUGE fan of these! Thank you!

Kristina R.

I was given Eucalyptus/Lavender body butter as a gift and immediately fell in love with the product l have shared The Scented Market product with all the women/ girls in my life as gifts. Just sent some products to Ireland for my son in laws mother to introduce her to the product.

Karen A

I absolutely love my Scented Market candles! I have tried the Cashmere and Eucalyptus Lavender scents so far and both smell amazing and last for a long time! I just ordered more and can’t wait to smell them! The containers are very appealing and they can be reused! The fact that they are soy, clean burning and vegan friendly is definitely an added bonus! My orders are always filled quickly and the process is very professional!

Amanda L.

My daughter is a coffee lover, so when I sent her the “But First, Coffee” candle, she was delighted. She also loved the fact that it’s a soy candle and the jar is reusable. Thank you Scented Market for such good quality products!

Micki K.

The scents are amazing! They smell up your whole house from one candle. I ordered a few candles and wax melts, they are great! It’s been a pleasure talking to Kristie as well, I will definitely be ordering more! Thanks Kristie!!!

Deidre A.

Love my new candle! The smell is amazing!! It fills my whole room. I'm in scent heaven right now!!! Thank you The Scented Market!!!

Amy H.

I love their new eco-friendly freshener ball set! I use it with the custom “Cashmere” oil blend. Such a calming blissful scent while driving:)

Jennifer S.

I am in absolute LOVE with The Scented Market candles & melts! The fragrances have longevity and my house smells devine! I was hooked at first sniff

Kim M.

Beautiful, clean burning candles and the scents are wonderful! The Eucalyptus Lavender room spray is a must have!!

Lisa P.

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