Our 13 Signature Scents

OH CANADA is that aromatic smell of breakfast in the morning! That maple syrup dripping down your pancakes and the side of bacon is a breakfast of champions!  

CASHMERE  is a soft smooth scent similar to the feeling on your skin when you slide your arm into your favourite sweater and cuddle in a nice warm blanket

SHIPLAP is that fresh Pine scent when you hang those boards on the wall followed by a bit of spice! Breath it in.... new wall smell

BUT FIRST, COFFEE is that aromatic smell of Sunday Morning Coffee brewing fresh in your kitchen. That smell that lifts your body out of bed in the morning!

EUCALYPTUS LAVENDER a calming blend of florals used for relaxation.

MAGNOLIA like the tree or the magnolia wreath a fresh floral sent to make you feel like spring!

FARM PICKIN' that sweet summer smell of fresh strawberries with a hint of cream and vanilla.....

FARM HOUSE FRESH is a balance lemon and basil. When you are in the mood to clean and that fresh lemon scent makes you feel spic and span!

SUMMER SLICES is that big fresh watermelon picked straight from the garden with a hint of fresh mint.

AGELESS  a smooth combination of Leather and Suede

MILK & HONEY is the smell of sweet almond milk in the morning sunshine

HANDYMAN the smell of a fresh clean man straight out of the shower!

LAKE HURON SUNSET is a fresh lake smell. When the sun is setting and a breeze blows across the lake. Breathe it in!