Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jar: Valentine’s Edition!

Ways to Reuse Your Candle Jar: Valentine’s Edition!

Buying yourself or your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift or decor is a sure fire way to spark some love this season. However, there’s also something to be said about hand-making your own gift or decorations! Plus, it is super easy to do so when you have empty (or almost empty) candle jars lying around your home. We’ve got ideas to help you transform them into beautiful pieces that will leave a lasting impression!

Firstly, remove any leftover wax from your jar. One way to do this is by removing as much as you can with a spoon before (carefully) pouring boiling water into the jar. The wax will float to the top where you can remove it. Just be sure to let the water in the jar cool off first. Next you’ll need to remove the label. You can soak the jar with a water, soap, and vinegar solution if the label leaves glue residue.

Now you’re ready to get crafting!


1. Fill your jar with red, pink, and white candy.

2. Layer dry cookie ingredients in a 16 oz jar and tie a small recipe card to the top with twine.

3. Fill your jar with folded pieces of paper stating things you love about your giftee, such as “I love your smile” or “I love your kindness.”

4. Fill your jar with folded pieces of paper stating simple acts of love that they can redeem, such as “Free hug” or “I will bake you cookies!”

TIP: However you choose to fill your jar, be sure to decorate it with Valentine’s-themed stickers and ribbons!


1. Fill a couple jars with cinnamon hearts or conversation hearts and place them on your kitchen counter. These look cute on their own or with other Valentine decor you have such as tea towels, candles, decor beads, etc.

2. Paint your jar pink, red, or white and leave as is or add a pretty design, such as hearts. If you’ve never painted a glass jar before, we’ve heard Chalk Paint is best to use. Use your painted jars to hold flowers, tea lights or even utensils for a Valentine’s party!

We hope you enjoy these gift and decor ideas! Make them together with your kids, friends, or a partner for a fun activity that will create some special memories.

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