Top 9 Spring Cleaning Tips

Top 9 Spring Cleaning Tips

Top 9 Spring Cleaning Tips

After all the snow and holiday fun that comes with winter, it's time to welcome spring with some deep cleaning! Grab your partner, kids, or even a friend, and tackle this list together.

Wipe down all surfaces
First, wipe down all surfaces with a light, fresh spray (like our Lemon Fresh Counter Spray) to get things looking sparkly clean, and smelling great.

Give your kitchen supplies an overhaul
If they are still in good condition, store or donate the tea towels, pot holders, and dish brushes you used throughout the winter, and get yourself some brand-new spring-themed ones.

Pack away bulky winter clothing
Grab some storage bins and head to your closets to pack away your thick sweaters, socks, hats, mitts, coats, and snow pants.

De-gunk your windows
On windy, snowy days, dirt and dust have collected on your windows. Clean the
outside of them, the inside, the screen, and the space at the bottom that gets all gunky. If you’ve got blinds, wipe them down too.

Shine up your entryway
Winter boots coming and going through your doorway have probably left this area in need of some major TLC. Vacuum rugs and remove salt stains with warm water and vinegar. Clean the floor space in front of the door and shoe/boot mats too.

Show your oven some lovin’
Remember all of those delicious meals and goodies you baked over the holidays? Things probably got a little messy, but with spring coming and pumpkin pies and turkey dinners retiring for the season, it’s time to scrub that oven down.

Clean your vacuum
Maybe your vacuum canister is still full of wrapping paper scraps, glitter, and food crumbs from holiday get-togethers — and that's OK! But now it’s time to empty and clean it out.

Clean your garage or storage space
This one might be a doozy, but you can do it, and you’ll be happy you did! Pick a dry, sunny day to move whatever is in the garage into your driveway while you sweep out all those fall leaves, wipe down surfaces, and hose down the floor. Once everything is dry and clean, move your items back in and organize them.

Don’t forget your trash and recycle bins
Finally, be sure to care for the things that bear the brunt of our cleaning endeavours — our trash cans and bins. Sometimes liquids and scraps fall to the bottom, so get in there and clean it all up.

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