Tis The Season... For Watermelon!

Tis The Season... For Watermelon!


Watermelon is the perfect summertime fruit. There’s nothing better than sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying a refreshingly juicy slice.

In Ontario, we’re lucky that they’re in season from July to September. If you’re in the mood for watermelon on a warm summer’s day all you have to do is pop on down to your local farmers’ market and scoop one up!

Besides eating this delicious fruit, we like to incorporate it into our lives in other ways, too. So, since National Watermelon Day is coming up on August 3, we thought we’d share a few ideas with you… Enjoy!


Add some fun pieces of watermelon decor to your home. For example, create a centerpiece for your kitchen table, coffee table or fireplace mantle with a Watermelon Gnome, watermelon-scented soy candle and a red or green potted plant. 

You can also try sprucing up your living room or patio with some watermelon-theme throw pillows. Adding a pop of colour and some extra comfiness to your couch or chairs is never a bad idea!


Adorn yourself with all things watermelon! Wear your hair up for the day with a Watermelon Scrunchy or try a colourful eye makeup look with pink shadow on your top lids and dark green eyeliner on your lower lash line. You can also shop around for some watermelon studs or dangle earrings.

Household essentials 

Everyone needs certain household items, so why not get ones that are fun and playful? 

Do you need a new exfoliating sponge for the shower? Get a Watermelon Sponge! It will add a pop of colour to your bathroom. 

For your kitchen, shop for watermelon-theme cups, plates and bowls. Besides making normal mealtime fun, they’re especially great to serve your guests with during BBQs! You’re guaranteed to get compliments.


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