Tips for Hosting a Spring Party

Tips for Hosting a Spring Party

Spring is less than a month away, and what better way to usher in the start of a warmer, brighter season than with a party! Here are our step-by-step suggestions for planning a fun party that will excite your guests for spring!

1. Choose a Theme: Decide on a theme for your party. You might choose bunnies, flowers, or a springtime picnic. Choosing a theme will help guide your decorations, food, and activities.

2. Set the Date and Time: Pick a date and time for your party that works for you and your guests. Consider whether you want to have an outdoor party or an indoor one, and plan accordingly.

3. Create and Send Invitations: Design and send cute invitations to your guests. You can go traditional with paper invitations or send electronic invitations through email or social media. 

4. Plan the Decorations: Decorate your party space according to your chosen theme. Incorporate pastel colours, flowers, plants, and Spring-Scented Soy Candles.

5. Prepare the Gifts: Get (or make!) each guest a small gift to thank them for coming and to show your appreciation for their love or friendship. This gift could be a bag of flower-shaped sugar cookies, a Bath Bomb, or a small soy candle. 

6. Decide the Menu: Consider serving light, fresh dishes perfect for spring, like salads, sandwiches, grilled vegetables, fruit platters, and refreshing drinks.

7. Organize Activities: Think about what activities you want to have at your party to keep your guests entertained. If you are hosting an indoor party, you can plan some crafts like flower arranging or DIY spring wreaths. If the party is taking place outside, you could set up lawn games like cornhole or bocce.

8. Create a Music Playlist: Put together a playlist of light and happy tunes to create the perfect atmosphere for your party. 

9. Plan for Seating and Comfort: Will you have enough seating for your guests? Consider renting or borrowing extra chairs and tables if needed, and ensure you have some cozy areas where people can relax and mingle.

10. Finalize Details: Double-check the details of your party, including any rentals or deliveries, and ensure everything is ready for the big day.

11. Enjoy Your Party: After all your prep work, relax and enjoy your party with your guests! Take photos to capture the memories, and don't forget to have fun!

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