Mason jar soy scented candle

The Scented Market Jar Return Loyalty Program

We’re open again, and to celebrate we’re launching The Scented Market Jar Return Loyalty Program!


Here’s everything you need to know:

All done burning your candle? Bring us back the empty jar + lid and get a stamp. On the 12th stamp, you get $5 off your next purchase. It’s literally that easy! The program will be an in-store promotion and will require you to show your loyalty card with every return!


  • Our loyalty program is valid on all our candles from 6oz-16oz.
  • Candles must be returned clean (no wicks + no wax)
  • Receive $5.00 of your next purchase of $20.00 or more!
  • In-store only.


Thank you for helping us recycle! You make the world a better place, xoxo!

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