The Kids Are Back in School — Time for Self-Care!

The Kids Are Back in School — Time for Self-Care!

If you had kids home for the summer, there's no doubt you all had a lot of fun and kept busy, but with that comes stress, too. You want to ensure everyone is enjoying their summer as much as possible and in healthy ways, i.e., not spending all day staring at iPads. Planning fun, affordable, and accessible activities can be challenging and tiring! 

So, now that school is back in session, let yourself feel some relief from having to plan all those awesome, jam-packed days for your family. It's time to focus on you and what you want to do! Here is a day we’ve planned out, dedicated to your well-being, that you can enjoy guilt-free! Try it out the next time you have a day to yourself. 

Your Self-Care Day Plan: 

Start the day by lighting an Essential Oil Candle and doing yoga or meditation. The aroma from the candle will either relax or perk up your senses (depending on which scent you choose!), and the yoga or meditation will leave you feeling connected to your body and put you in a positive headspace for the morning. 

Afterward, go ahead and take an unhurried, uninterrupted shower. We love cleaning up with a Scented Sugar Scrub and Scented Soap Bar. Once you hop out and dry off, don’t forget to treat your skin to a moisturizing Scented Body Butter. 

As you get ready for the day, put on your favourite piece of jewelry, and apply a little Lip Gloss, Perfume, and Hair Oil. Trust us, it's the little things that can make you feel like a million bucks! 

Now, let’s do some shopping, stress-free and on your own time. We always get excited for the return of fall, so we recommend checking out all of the new fall clothes out there, plus treating yourself to a candle or two (duh)! Check out our Fall Candle line, and if you’re really feeling fun, pick up some decorative Fabric Pumpkins, Concrete Pumpkins or Glass Pumpkins for your kitchen table, coffee table, or fireplace mantel. 

After shopping, and before the kids finish school, have something yummy for lunch and enjoy a relaxing activity, such as reading or watching an episode of your favourite show. Light one of your new candles, or place a Lavender Bouquet somewhere in the room for a calming aroma.

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