The Best Soy Candles for Promoting Relaxation

The Best Soy Candles for Promoting Relaxation

There are many different kinds of candle scents, and some are more relaxing than others. 

Why? Different scents impact your nervous system in different ways, based on the chemical composition of the scent and the existing memories and experiences you have with that scent.

For example, if you light a lemon scented candle, you might feel more energized and ready to tackle those cleaning jobs, but if you light a lavender scented candle, you might feel soothed and ready for a nap.

Here at TSM we have many different scents, from the energizing citrus and foody to the calming greens and florals. Here are the ones we recommend for those of you looking to relax, reduce stress, or promote better sleep. We have organized them based on collection. We hope they can relax and restore you!

From our Signature Collection

Eucalyptus Lavender and Just Breathe contain soothing floral and plant notes that are tried-and-true for those looking to relax.

Lake Huron Sunset and On the Grand are great for those who find spending time by water calming.

Wine Country and You, Me & Tea are for those who enjoy a laid back afternoon or evening with a glass of wine or cup of tea. 

From our Essential Oil Collection

You can’t go wrong with any candle in this collection! Inhale, Exhale, Journey, Meditate, and Namaste are all designed to be relaxing. Each contains pure essential oils, ranging from peppermint and geranium to orange and grapefruit. They are great to light while you are practicing yoga, stretching, or meditation, or just want to create a serene atmosphere.

From our Seasonal Collections

Spring: Freshen Up’s honeydew and cucumber is a fresh blend that will take you back to the spa, while Lilac Breeze might remind you of a loved one’s beautiful and fragrant lilac bush.

Summer: Beach Day is for those who find lounging on a warm beach to be the most peaceful.

Fall: Warmth and Chai Latte will bring you a feeling of ease with their warm, soft, and slightly sweet scents. Lighting these is like transporting yourself to a cozy cafe.

Winter: Cracklin’ Birch is the scent of a crackling fire with a hint of sweetness that will bring back memories of snuggling up by a holiday fireplace. Tis’ the Season’s sweet earthy tones will soothe you as you recall the special memories you made during the holiday season.


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