The Best Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s June and the end of the school year is nearly upon us! Isn’t that wild? 

Not only have students been working hard, but so have all of the school staff. If you’re thinking about a gift for that special teacher, E.A., custodian, librarian, etc., then look no further. We’ve got ideas for many different budgets, interests and uses!

First of all, candles are a fool-proof gift option. Not only do they smell nice, but they add to your home decor and can last for quite a while! Throw in something small and handy on the side, like matches or hand sanitizer, and you can’t go wrong. Check out our Candle Gift Packs for summer scent options.

Some people like to give flowers, which are a beautiful gift, but they don't last very long. If you still like the idea of gifting a bouquet, but want something longer lasting, try our Lavender Bouquet or Eucalyptus Bunches! They smell and look great whether fresh or dried. As a bonus, breathing in the scent of either helps promote relaxation and decrease stress!

We all know dealing with kids requires a lot of energy, and where can you get energy from? Coffee! Teachers are most definitely on the coffee or tea train, so it's not a bad idea to get them a mug. We’ve got a couple unique options, such as the World’s Best Teacher Mug Candle and Heart Mug + Spoon set. The Mug Candle is a two-in-one burn the candle and then clean and fill with a drink!

Finally, after working in a building filled with other people (especially younger people) school staff know the importance of clean hands, and understandably go through a lot of hand soap. How about replenishing their supply? We carry Foaming Hand Soaps and gel Hand Soaps that are made with all natural ingredients and oil fragrances that are phthalate free. 

Between dealing with COVID-19, transitioning between remote and in-person classes and just having to deal with a lot of kids all day, our school staff really are superheroes. Be sure to show your appreciation to them this month, either with a gift, a handwritten note, or some kind words. We wish a safe and happy summer to all school staff in our communities!

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