Support your small, local businesses. Market at the Market.

Support your small, local businesses

As you may or may not know, any business with less than 100 employees that sells its products and services to its own community is considered a small, local business. 

We at The Scented Market fall into this category and are proud of it!  As such, we wanted to take this opportunity to share our thoughts on being a small, local business and the importance of community support.

Why it’s important to support small businesses

Showing your support for a small, local business, whether through purchases or nonmonetary means, carries benefits for the whole community.

Firstly, you are helping to strengthen your local economy. You are putting money back into your community and helping to provide jobs to those who live there.

You are also encouraging the production and circulation of unique products. For example, some businesses will offer handmade items that are one-of-a-kind and can’t be found anywhere else!

In addition, your local choice is better for the environment. For one, when you shop local you cut down on your travel time. Instead of driving an hour away to do your shopping, perhaps your drive only takes five minutes! This helps cut down on the amount of air pollution generated. 

Lastly, you are almost always going to receive better customer service. Take for example, our retail team. They are all informed of how the products are made, their benefits and their proper usage. At big box stores employees are often placed in departments with tons of products they may know little about!


Photo from June's Market at the Market event

How to support small businesses

People often think that supporting a business means buying their products. Of course, this is super helpful, but it’s not the only way!

You can still support businesses without spending a dime.

Be social! Follow them on their social media platforms and engage with them through comments and by liking and saving their posts. You can also write reviews. Email them or leave them on their website or on Google. In addition, sign up for newsletters and text messages

Not one for online communication? Visit the store and chat! Ask employees questions and give them feedback on products. Once you leave, talk about the business and/or recommend them to your friends and family.

Finally, attend their events! Over at The Scented Market we’ve hosted grand openings for new store locations, live shopping events on Facebook and Instagram and market events featuring other small, local businesses.


Photo from June's Market at the Market event
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