Spruce Up Your Decor With Wooden Beads

Spruce Up Your Decor With Wooden Beads

Wooden decor beads can be an excellent complement to your home decor. They are simple yet elegant and can tie together multiple items to create a cohesive look.

Try using different styles in different ways. For example, wooden decor beads with twine tassels are paired best with other decor items, such as looped around a candle, weaved between vases on a tray or coffee table, or spilling out of a decorative bowl. Our Decor Bead Double Tassel Garland is best suited to a larger surface area or collection of items, and our Decor Bead Double Tassel Short Garland works better with a smaller surface area or fewer items.

Decor beads with tassels can also soften the decor in nurseries or children’s rooms. Our Decor Beads with White Double Tassels have soft white yarn on either end, making them a warm and cozy addition to toys, books, or trinkets on a shelf, nightstand, desk, or bookcase.

Decor beads that don’t have tassels on the ends, but loops instead, are great to
hang between surfaces. Try hanging our Decor Bead Garland from one end of your fireplace mantel to the other for a rustic, homey look.

Decor beads that form a loop and have a cute item on one end, such as our Decor Bead Heart Pillow, look great hanging from hooks on a fireplace mantle or in a window. You can also use them in a themed display, such as on a Valentine’s tray alongside a sweet-scented candle and some individually wrapped chocolates.

Coloured-decor beads, such as our yellow Lemon Decor Beads or red Winter Decor Beads, also look great incorporated into a specific theme. The Lemon Decor Beads add a fresh and clean look to your kitchen when placed on the counter around a decorative Mini Ladder with a Lemon Tea Towel, a bowl of fresh lemons, or a lemon-scented candle. The Winter Decor Beads are great to display during the winter, as part of a festive candle display, or on a Christmas tree.

Don’t be afraid to have fun and try new things with your beads, such as painting
them to match colours in your home. We hope you feel inspired, and remember to tag us on socials @thescentedmarket to show us how you put your spin on styling your decor beads! We’d love to see your ideas.

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