Relaxation Tips for a Busy Summer

Relaxation Tips for a Busy Summer

With summer comes sun and fun, but it can also be a stressful season for some
people. If you’re a parent with kids at home you might be planning activities to keep them entertained so that they aren’t sitting in front of a screen all summer. Or maybe you’ve planned a social calendar full of BBQs, pool parties, patio lunches, etc., but not much downtime to yourself.

Whatever your summer plans are, remember to find time to relax to avoid feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. Doing things you find relaxing will help balance the busyness of summer and keep you happy and energized. Here are some of our favourite ways to relax during the summer.

Firstly, we recommend looking for beach glass on your next beach day. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we feel disconnected from our surroundings. Slowing down, walking barefoot with water washing over your toes, and turning your focus toward the sand is a very grounding experience. Plus, it’s exciting when you find pieces of colourful beach glass! They are all unique and make beautiful additions to your home decor. And if you don’t find any, no worries — you can always pick up one of our Beach Glass Candles! They come in colourful glass vessels with a couple of pieces of beach glass on top.

If you find yourself at home with free time, dedicate some of it to immersing yourself in a good book. Take your reading outside to your patio or, if you prefer some AC, inside by a window that lets in lots of natural light. Don’t forget a drink or snack and a Throw Blanket to make yourself cozy!

If you’d rather shut your brain off for a while, run yourself a warm bath with your
favourite Bath Bomb, Bubble Bath or Bath Salt and just focus on breathing and
letting the warmth soothe your body. If you swim in the summer, chlorine or salt can be harsh on your hair. While you soak, apply a little bit of nourishing Hair Oil to the ends of your hair.

Lastly, take advantage of the warm evenings and sit outside! You can star gaze,
enjoy your favourite drink, take in the sounds of nature, or have a campfire. Just
remember to protect yourself from the bugs! Buzzing and bites ruin the peace. Try burning a Summer Nights Candle beside you or apply some Summer Nights Spray.

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