Rekindling the Magic: Our Dough Bowl Refill Program

Rekindling the Magic: Our Dough Bowl Refill Program

We believe every candle has a story to tell, and our Dough Bowl Soy Candles are no exception!

Crafted with care and infused with exquisite fragrances, these candles illuminate spaces and create cherished moments. But what happens when the wax burns down, and the flame flickers away? Enter our Dough Bowl Refill Program, designed to reignite the enchantment and extend the lifespan of your beloved candle!

Preparing Your Bowl

Whether you're in Guelph, Fergus, or nestled in the serene landscapes of Blue Mountain, replenishing your Dough Bowl Soy Candle is a breeze. Begin by scooping out the residual wax, removing the wicks, and cleansing the bowl with hot water. Alternatively, if you are short on time and can’t clean your bowl before your visit, we can clean it for a small fee.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

At our Blue Mountain store, Walk-In Dough Bowl Refills offer unparalleled convenience. Choose from eight captivating scents and then indulge in the sensory delights of our store while we replenish your candle. Our Walk-In Refill service is a seamless experience designed to fit effortlessly into your day.


 A clean Dough Bowl with new wicks, ready to be refilled.


Tailored Service, Timeless Results

Drop into Guelph or Fergus with your bowl and choose from any of our scents (even our seasonal scents!). We will then send your bowl to be refilled by our dedicated production team at our warehouse. If you are picking up at Guelph you can expect a turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. Fergus's turnaround is generally between 2-3 weeks. Regardless of where you pick up, we understand the anticipation and strive to process your refill efficiently and carefully.

Affordable Luxury, Sustainable Practice

As an added incentive, the cost to refill your Dough Bowl is merely half the price of your initial purchase—a testament to our commitment to providing affordable luxury. By participating in our refill program, you not only indulge in the timeless allure of our candles but also contribute to sustainable practices that reduce waste and environmental impact.

Experience the Magic Anew

Our Dough Bowl Refill Program is more than just a service; it's an invitation to relive cherished moments, reignite forgotten memories, and bask in the timeless allure of fragrance. Join us on this journey of rediscovery, and let the magic of our Dough Bowl Soy Candles illuminate your world once again!

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