Why you will love Reed Diffusers & Refills

Reed Diffusers & Reed Diffuser Refills

When you think of scents, and adding a scent to a room, what often comes to mind? Scented Candles? Room Sprays? Of course. You know our Scented Soy Candles are our bread and butter, and our Scented Room Sprays are a favourite of ours and yours! But have you ever considered a Reed Diffuser? Do you know what it is? The benefits? This is going to be a Reed Diffuser crash course! 

Reed Diffusers are scented oil filled glass jars (not like our candle jars) with reeds to help the oil travel up, scenting the room.

Our Reed Diffusers come in some of your favourite scents of ours:  

Eucalyptus Lavender - a calming blend of florals used for relaxation.

Cashmere - a soft smooth scent similar to the feeling on your skin when you slide your arm into your favourite sweater and cuddle in a nice warm blanket.

Just Breathe - a fresh blend of eucalyptus and peppermint. Great for opening airways. Breathe in that fresh crisp air.

Milk & Honey - the smell of sweet almond milk in the morning sunshine.

Raspberry Bush - the fresh aroma of hand-picked raspberries.

And some seasonal scents you know and love: 

Pumpkin Spice -  That smell of a freshly baked pumpkin pie coming out of the oven with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Homemade -  a fresh blend of home-made apple crumble coming out of the oven with a small sprinkle of cinnamon to top it off!

Tis’ The Season - a soft blend of Balsam fir and a hint of citrus. A joyous Christmas blend.

O' Christmas Tree -  the smell of a Christmas tree just freshly decorated for all to enjoy.

Sleigh Ride -  a fresh blend of outdoor greenery and crisp apples.

So, what’s the difference between a Reed Diffuser and any other way to scent a room? Well, you can literally set it and forget it! The scent lasts 4-6 months and if you continue to flip the reeds every few weeks (you can set a reminder in your phone calendar, that definitely helps us remember!) the scent will continue to travel up the reeds. 

The benefits of the Reed Diffuser option is that (like mentioned above) they last a really long time! You can also “set it and forget it” and not worry about a lit candle, or always worrying about the smell of a certain room (particularly helpful for rooms like the washroom, laundry, basement, ones with litter boxes or garbage/recycling.) 

You can also use different scents in different rooms, some have a more cozy feeling, some have a more fresh and clean smell, it depends on your room! Because they are a gentler scent throw, it's easy to have multiple at once in different rooms, unlike candles which could travel much farther. 

Because you’ll love the Reed Diffusers so much, you’ll want to get your hands on the Reed Diffuser Refills that launched today! These scents will give you more use of the product you already love and have at home! 

Not only are they great for yourself (treat yourself, obviously) they make great gifts as well! The person in your life who receives a lovely gift of soft smell and comfort will appreciate that you took the time to show how much you care about them.

Whatever you do with your Reed Diffusers, or where you put them, or how you style them, we want to see your ideas! Show us how you use & style & tag us on Instagram to be featured on our story @thescentedmarket

About The Scented Market

The Scented Market recognized a need for more at home self care by creating and hand making products such as Scented Soy Candles, Room Sprays, Bath Salts, Bubble Bath and so much more! We have created a lifestyle brand of products and pride ourselves in being eco-friendly. While both using the best quality ingredients in our products, and also looking at our footprint by offering reusable, recyclable packaging, we have a jar return program at each store and also offer candle refills.  Our eco-friendly packaging combined with our self-care mission allows our community to bring the spa home and feel good about it.
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