Our Candle Fundraiser Program - FAQ

Our Candle Fundraiser Program - FAQ

Since kicking off in October 2022, our Candle Fundraiser Program has empowered sports teams, schools, and community organizations to raise over $30K for their causes!

We understand the importance of transparency and clarity in fundraising efforts, so we've compiled this comprehensive guide to address common questions teams may have before joining us. 

From understanding the process to maximizing your fundraising potential, we're here to provide insights and support every step of the way. Explore the answers to igniting a successful and rewarding candle fundraising journey with us!

Q: How many different scents are available?

A: There are 18 scents to choose from when you fundraise with us. They will be a mixture of signature and seasonal scents.

Q: What size are the candles?

A: The candles are our 8 oz mason jar size. 

Q: How long does each fundraiser run for?

A: Each team has two weeks to run its fundraiser. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Is there a minimum amount we need to sell?

A: The number of candles you sell is up to your team and its fundraising goals. We always encourage you to aim high the more candles you sell, the more money goes back to your team!

Q: Do you have a sheet with the scent descriptions?

A: Yes, we will provide you with a digital and/or physical copy of the scent descriptions.

Q: Is there a flyer we can print out and distribute?

A: Yes, we have a flyer that we can customize for your team!

Q: How does my team go about purchasing candles?

A: Your team members will be given Order Sheets. To put an order through, the team member simply adds the name of the person who wants to buy to the sheet and indicates which scented candles they would like. The buyer gives the team member cash or an e-transfer for any candle(s) ordered.

Q: How do I submit my forms once my team finishes selling?

A: Once your team has finished selling, the organizer will collect all the Order Sheets and ensure they have all the payments. They will then tally up the number of each scent ordered and indicate it on the Master Sheet. Once they have filled out this sheet, they can email or drop it off at The Scented Market store closest to them.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept for the candles?

A: We accept cash, cheques, or e-transfer.

Q: When will my candles be ready?

A: Once you have submitted your Master Sheet your candle order will be entered into our system. From there, you can expect to receive a notification that your order is ready in 1-2 weeks.


Do you have a question about our Candle Fundraiser Program not answered here? Please email media@thescentedmarket.ca for more information!

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