Our Summertime Essentials

Our Summertime Essentials

Summer is almost here, and our team couldn't be more excited for the season of warm weather, sandy beaches, BBQs and nighttime campfires! To get you in the summer spirit, we’ve compiled a number of summer exclusive products  plus a few extra items that are sure to complement your fun in the sun!

First, we have our seasonal, summer scented soy wax candles. We’ve got 8 scents, ranging from fruity to woodsy: Peaches, Raspberry Bush, Gramma’s Jam, Farm Pickin’, Summer Slices, Fruity Pie, Beach Day and By the Fire.

You can find these in 8 oz and 16 oz sizes, or in our special Fruit Basket and Summer Collection Candle Sample Packs. Light them in the kitchen while prepping food for a family BBQ or during a summer movie or games night with your friends! 

Next up is our seasonal Summer Nights line, a more natural version of the conventional citronella candle. All of the products in this line are made with lemongrass and eucalyptus scented oils, which are effective for repelling bugs and eliminating indoor odours. We’ve got soy wax candles in various sizes, wax melts and sprays. Be sure to bring them with you if you plan on sitting around a campfire at night.

Of course, we have a couple goodies to help you prep for beach days! This includes our coconut-scented Beach Day Hair Oil, which is great to have in your beach bag for hair touch ups after taking a dip. It's a nourishing formula that will help tame any frizz and provide a boost of hydration.

If you want to shave before hitting the beach, remember to exfoliate your skin first to get rid of any dirt or dead skin cells that may be clogging your pores! Our Scented Sugar body scrub can help you do just that, and as a bonus it comes in 3 lovely scents.

Lastly, bring a reusable cloth bag to the beach instead of a plastic one. We have an 8" x 15" Reusable Bag that you can use to carry all of your beach essentials, from snacks and sunglasses to towels and books. 

If you choose to try out some of these products this summer, we hope they make the season even sweeter for you! Above all, we hope you will prioritize self care and time spent with your loved ones. Happy summer everyone!

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