Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Exclusive Mother's Day Gift Basket


Are you looking to treat that special lady this Mother’s Day? Whether it's your mom, stepmom, or grandma, show your appreciation with some of our favourite gift ideas below. Don’t forget to include a heartfelt card and some face time! 

Candle Bundle 

If mom enjoys candles, put together a bundle with a candle and tools to care for it, including a Candle Snuffer, Wick Trimmer, and a jar of Matches or a USB Rechargeable Lighter. If you’re unsure which candle to get her, we recommend our limited edition Iridescent Candles, Clay Heart Candles, or our new Pure Candle Collection Line. 

Decor Bundle 

Does she love home decor? If so, she’ll love a gift with items she can make a display out of or incorporate throughout the house, such as a candle with Decor Beads, a Decor Bowl, a Tray or Display Board, a Table Runner, and fun seasonal items such as Gnomes, Handmade Carrots and Fruits or Ceramic Pears. 

Bath Gift Basket 

If unwinding in a warm, scented bath is mom’s ultimate form of self-care, get her one of our specially curated bath gift baskets! Our EXCLUSIVE Mother’s Day Gift Basket is in the sweet, citrusy scent of Raspberry Lemonade and contains Sugar Scrub Cubes, a Cocktail Bath Bomb, an Engraved Glass Mug, and a 17 oz candle. Our Mother’s Day Love Gift Basket contains a Clay Heart Candle, a Heart Shaped Bath Bomb, a handmade soap bar, and a Dark Wooden Soap Dish. 

DIY Spa Day 

If your special lady loves pampering herself at the spa, she’ll appreciate a nourishing Face Mask, Applicator Tool, Bubble Bath, Bath Salt, Essential Oil Candle, or Scented Massage Candle. Bonus points for arranging an at-home spa day where you use some of the goodies together! Don’t forget the wine, charcuterie, and a playlist of your favourite music. 

Share an Experience 

Sometimes spending time together is the greatest gift of all. Get tickets for you and your special lady to a play, concert, movie, museum, escape room, or class. For example, if your mom likes to get crafty and enjoys candles, we recommend tickets to our Sip & Pour Candle Making Classes. Alternatively, if you both have a couple of days to spare, book a hotel or Airbnb getaway in a town or city you’ve never been to before and enjoy some exploring together!

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