Meet Your Favourite Fall Scent

Meet Your Favourite Fall Scent

When we think about our fall candle scents, a few words come to mind: cozy,
relaxing, and indulgent. There are quite a few scents to choose from, so if you’re not sure which you’ll love, we’ve created a guide based on how you like to spend the season! Read on to meet your new favourite scent for fall.

For the readers

For some people, there’s no better way to enjoy a cozy fall day than snuggling up
with a warm blanket by a window, looking at the beautiful fall colours outside, and
digging into a good book. To enhance the experience, we recommend two things:
make yourself a hot drink and light a Chai Latte soy candle. Chai Latte is a soft,
warm, and aromatic scent with hints of ginger and nutmeg.

Fall market lovers

One of the best things about fall is the markets and fairs! From farm animal exhibits and produce vendors to food trucks and live music, the excitement in the air is palpable. If you’re the type to attend all the markets and fairs, It’s Fall Y’all and Harvest are the scents for you! It’s Fall Y’all is a crisp, fresh apple cider scent, and Harvest is the smell of sweet cranberries. Light these and enjoy memories of warm hands wrapped around a steaming cup of cider and trips to the market to pick up cranberries for Thanksgiving dinner.

Fire lovers

Sitting by a crackling fire on a chilly night is the definition of comforting. You feel the warmth permeate your cold extremities, and the movement of the flames is relaxingly hypnotic. For a scent to complement the whole experience, try Warmth. It's the soft, smooth scent of vanilla blended with a spoonful of brown sugar. The combination of vanilla and brown sugar is so softly sweet that if you’re not already feeling happy and relaxed, you’ll be well on your way in no time.

For those with a sweet tooth

Who doesn’t love fall treats? Whether it’s an ooey gooey butter tart or a pumpkin pie, treats this time of year are sweet and indulgent. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love Creme Caramel, Hello Pumpkin, and Homemade. Creme Caramel smells like that sweet caramel drizzled over your favourite fall dessert. Hello Pumpkin is the aroma of freshly baked pumpkin pie coming out of the oven, with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Homemade is a fresh blend of homemade apple crumble straight out of the oven with a small sprinkle of cinnamon.

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