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Making the Most of Scented Market Products!

Here at The Scented Market, we work to make the most eco-friendly & reusable products possible. Ensuring that the products we’re sending your way are sustainable and can be used over and over again!  

The first step is cleaning out your jars. The Scented Market uses 100% natural soy wax in every single candle we pour, soy wax is also known as a soft wax (making it super easy to clean)! Simply pour hot or boiling water into your jar, leaving about an inch of room at the top. Any remaining wax will float to the top, let the water cool and remove the wax. Once this is done, simply wash the jar + lid normally & you’re ready to reuse!

What can you do with an empty jar you ask? The possibilities are endless, here are only a few of our favourite ways to reuse your candle jars & tins!


In the Kitchen:

  • New Cup: The Scented market jars make the perfect addition to any kitchen. Our jars are dishwasher safe & shatter resistant. If you’re in need of a new water (or if you’re like us, iced coffee) glass – we got you!
  • Dessert Bowl: Our new favourite thing to do is make single serve desserts that are pre-portioned (COVID friendly!). You can make dessert for the family or pop the lid on and spoil someone special with a hand delivered treat!
  • Spice Jars: Whether you’re buying in bulk or not – both our 8oz & 16oz jars make the PERFECT spice containers!



  • Pen Holder: Jars are a perfect office organization tool.
  • Makeup Brush Holder: We all love some good bathroom organization. Makeup brushes, Q-tips, toothbrushes & so much more can be stored in your newly recycled jars.



  • Planter: Need a pot for a new plant? Our 16oz jars make the perfect pot for any small plant!
  • Vase: Whether a new plant, fresh flowers or décor, they will look perfect displayed in your recycled jar! Don’t love the clear look? Paint it! Add the perfect personal touch to your space.


Have another idea? We want to see you reuse! After your done burning your candles, show us how you reuse & tag us on Instagram to be featured on our story @thescentedmarket

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