Fun Facts About Peaches for Peach Season

Fun Facts About Peaches for Peach Season

Did you know that we are in prime Peach Season here in Ontario? In our province, peaches are in season from July to September. In celebration of everyone’s favourite sweet, juicy, and fuzzy fruit, we’ve compiled some fun facts about peaches. Enjoy!

  • Peaches originated in China, and, according to Foodland Ontario, archaeologists have discovered them buried with Chinese dignitaries several centuries before Christ as a symbol of immortality.
  • According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, peaches in Canada are generally
    grown in southern Ontario (80% or higher acreage), then B.C. (18% acreage),
    and Nova Scotia (1% acreage).
  • Healthline states that peaches contain multiple vitamins and minerals and that eating them may aid digestion, improve heart health, protect your skin, reduce allergy symptoms, and more!
  • Other uses for peaches include using their seeds to make an almond oil
    substitute in cosmetics and brewing peach tree leaves and bark in tea for
    medicinal purposes, states Ontario Tender Fruit.
  • The heaviest peach in the world was grown in 2018 at Pearson Farm in Fort
    Valley, Georgia, weighing in at 1.8 pounds!
  • Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) hosts a Peach Festival every August featuring
    music, entertainment, and lots of peaches! The festival runs on August 12,
    2023, from 10 am - 6 pm on Queen St.

Which of these facts is your favourite? We love that peaches are tasty AND good for you — This just gives us more reason to eat as many as we can this summer! We also love the Peach Festival in NOTL. We have been a vendor and can’t recommend attending enough! You’ll find many goodies, including peach-scented products for your home and body.

We love incorporating the scent of peaches into our summer days, from lighting a
PEACHES Soy Candle and taking a bath with a PEACHES Bath Bomb to
moisturizing with PEACHES Hand & Body Lotion and scenting our Car Fresheners with PEACHES Oil Fragrance. PEACHES’ sweet and fruity fragrance is the perfect complement for beautiful hot and sunny days.

Peaches are one of the season’s greatest gifts. We hope you can enjoy them this
month, whether eating them on their own, cooking them up into delicious pies,
cobblers, or cakes, or simply enjoying their aroma in your favourite products!

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