Fight the Winter Blues with Self-Care

Fight the Winter Blues with Self-Care

Here in Southern Ontario it has been grey and cold outside for weeks. With little sunshine, it can be really easy to feel down, sluggish, and/or tired. In order to help ease these feelings, The Scented Market team has found the following self-care tips to be useful. We hope they can cheer you up and/or energize you too!

Firstly, in the morning, try waking up to a sunrise alarm. These alarms give off light designed to mimic a natural sunrise, and some people find them beneficial in the darker months. When you hop in the shower afterwards, treat yourself to a Shower Steamer. These release aromatics into the shower that help to open your airways and can even energize you! You can also massage your arms and legs with a Scented Sugar Scrub to get your blood flowing.

Before you drive to work or to run errands, hang a Car Freshener in your car. We find adding some fresh and crisp Just Breathe, zesty Lemon Fresh, or sweet and fruity Peaches Oil Fragrance gives us a little bit of a mood boost! 

In the afternoon, find ways to keep your body active and opportunities to go outside or look out windows. This can be tricky if you have a full-time job indoors, but there are ways to make it work. For example, if you sit at a desk, get up at least once every hour and stretch or find the nearest window to look out of for a moment or two. On breaks, try to go outside and walk for a couple minutes. The movement and light will help to promote more energy.

That evening, be sure to eat a healthy dinner. It can be tempting in the winter to load up on comfort foods like breads, pastas, and other carbohydrates, but a balanced meal including protein and veggies will give you more of the nutrients and energy you need. 

After dinner, light your favourite Scented Soy Candle to set a cozy mood, and journal your thoughts or chat with your loved ones. Both are great for helping you to process/share your thoughts after a day of work so you can rest easier at bed time. 

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