How To Decorate Your Home With A Wooden Decor Dough Bowl

How To Decorate Your Home With A Wooden Decor Dough Bowl

 How to decorate your home with a wooden decor dough bowl

A wooden decor dough bowl is a decorative bowl that you can place anywhere in your home to add a natural or rustic touch to your home decor.

A dough bowl was traditionally used in colonial times to prepare bread dough. The dough was kneaded and then placed in the naturally-insulated wooden bowl to allow it to rise. Today, these quaint bowls are loved for their many different uses throughout the home!

You can use decor dough bowls for functional purposes, like keeping your car keys and TV remotes organized, or for decorative purposes, like creating a holiday centrepiece.

If you’ve never had a decor dough bowl but you’re interested in scooping one up, we have many different kinds to choose from, including the White or Brown Small Dough Bowl, Brown Long Dough Bowl, White or Brown Extra Long Dough Bowl, Brown Heart Shaped Dough Bowl and the White Mini Heart Shaped Dough Bowl. As a quick side note, these are not suitable for filling with candle wax due to a crack or hole located somewhere in the bowl. There’s plenty to love though — each bowl is unique in its own way and ready to be filled to the brim with the goodies of your choosing!

If you get a long bowl, we recommend placing it on your kitchen table, coffee table or fireplace mantle. Smaller bowls make nice additions to dressers, bathroom counters, vanities or night tables and make beautiful catch-alls for your jewellery and accessories.

If you’d like to create a standout centrepiece with your long bowl but aren’t sure what to fill it with, try adding other natural items to compliment the wood, such as faux plants, dried flowers, pinecones, acorns, gemstones, shells or Decor Beads. Keep in mind that items of similar colour or theme work best to create a cohesive look.

You can also look to the upcoming season or holiday for inspiration. For example, a bowl fit for spring or Easter might have some fake grass, Handmade Carrots, a Bunny Gnome, colourful Easter eggs, wrapped Easter candy or spring flowers. Place it on the table at Easter dinner and impress your guests with your egg-cellent decorating skills!

Swap out the decorations as the seasons change. Pick up some new decorations every couple of months and then sit down with your family or friends for an afternoon of crafty, festive fun!

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