Celebrate Creativity and Community at Market at the Market

Celebrate Creativity and Community at Market at the Market

Twice a year, The Scented Market in Guelph transforms into a bustling hub of creativity and community spirit with our much-anticipated Market at the Market events. 

Held in June and September, our markets are more than just shopping destinations—they bring people together to celebrate local talent and handmade craftsmanship!

We are proud to host an incredible lineup of local vendors offering many different products at Market at the Market. 

A market attendee looks at accessories handmade by Liv Lush.


Imagine strolling through the market, your senses delighted by the bright colours and fragrant scents of fresh flowers, the sweet allure of homemade desserts, and the sparkle of handcrafted jewelry. Each visit promises discoveries, from travel maps and dolls to cloth diapers, crochet toys, and wooden signs. Home décor enthusiasts can find beautiful pottery, macrame, and wreathes, while those looking for everyday essentials can find snacks, clothing, hair accessories, and even dog treats. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for teachers, or something to treat yourself, there truly is something for everyone in our markets.

Another highlight of attending Market at the Market is having the chance to receive a free Swag Bag! These bags, filled with goodies from our sponsor and select vendors, are given to the first 25 attendees. It's our way of giving you the chance to try out some new products, and of saying thank you for supporting our local community.

Our markets are set up outside our Guelph store at 260 Edinburgh Rd. S, a charming and accessible location for all. Plus, with free entry and free parking on Forest Street, it's easy for anyone to join in the fun. 

Sweet Temptations Co. offers an array of delicious treats.


Supporting local businesses is the cornerstone of Market at the Market. Every purchase you make helps sustain and grow our community’s economy, supporting local artisans and entrepreneurs who pour their passion into their products. You can feel good knowing your money goes directly to a neighbour or friend, helping them thrive and continue to create.

Market at the Market is more than just a market—it's a community event that brings people together, supports local businesses, and offers a unique shopping experience filled with delightful finds. 

So mark your calendars for our next market! Whether you’re a seasoned market-goer or a curious newcomer, Market at the Market promises a day of fun, discovery, and community spirit you won’t want to miss.

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