Body Butters- Give Your Skin Some Extra TLC!

Body Butters- Give Your Skin Some Extra TLC!

 Have you tried our Body Butter? It’s the most luscious formula and it is perfect for dry or mature skin!

First, if you’re new to “body butter” let’s talk about the difference between “body butter” and “body cream” …

So, what is the difference?

Body butter is more luscious and is a more intensive moisturizer and gives your skin that extra TLC. While body cream is more refined and not as thick as a body butter, generally this means it spreads and absorbs more easily on your skin.

We recommend keeping some Scented Body Butter on your nightstand and using in the morning and before bed- because there’s 8 hours where your skin is getting no attention, so show it some love!

But you can also keep some Scented Body Butter in your car or your work bag/purse because dry skin can sneak up on you, and you’ll be prepared!

Our Scented Body Butters come in three different scents, Cashmere, Eucalyptus Lavender, and Just Breathe. These are some of our most popular scents and can give a different feeling when using on your skin.

CASHMERE  is a soft smooth scent similar to the feeling on your skin when you slide your arm into your favourite sweater and cuddle in a nice warm blanket

EUCALYPTUS LAVENDER a calming blend of florals used for relaxation.

JUST BREATHE a fresh blend of eucalyptus and peppermint. Great for opening airways. Breathe in that fresh crisp air.

At The Scented Market, we love to create sustainable and reusable products and beautiful (reusable) packaging with our products. For the Scented Body Butters, there are many different ways it can be used after you are done, here are some extra ways you can do that…



As tea bag or coffee ground container (with great labels, it would be so cute!)

- As a treat/snack container (who needs to know? Hide it for yourself, extra treats!)

- Cut up treats/snacks in the fridge (meal prep is hard sometimes but make snack time easier!)

- Dog treats (it’s so great to keep this organized and out of their reach- so they don’t indulge all at once!)  

- Elastics (you can never have enough of these randomly on hand!)



Cotton balls, cotton swabs, or reusable makeup remover pads (I love having these in cute containers with labels and easy to access!)

Toothbrush holder (whether you or multiple, it’s nice to keep these off-counter spaces!)

Roller Ball Perfumes every day might need a different scent, be prepared and have them all organized together!)

Face mask tools (applicator and headband) (when you’re ready for a self-care night- or day; we won’t tell, make sure your tools are all easily accessible and keep them together!)

Hair Oils (every day you use these might call for a different scent with your Hair Oils too, keep them all conveniently in one place!)

Beard Oils (options are great when you want to use the Beard Oils, or the Beard Oil Kit; keep everything in a convenient place with these containers!)

Different Wax Melts (making sure you have Wax Melts for every mood is important, keep them organized this way!)

Tubes of Scented Bath Salts (having these on hand and ready to go is important, it could also be great if you are having guests and want to give them the option of salts to use)



- Different Scented Oils (keep different scents near your diffuser!) 

- Different Small Scented Hand Sanitizers (keep this by the door to grab one on the go!) 

- Different Scented Lip Shines (keep this by the door to grab one on the go!) – link

- Roller Ball Perfume (keep this by the door to grab one on the go!)- link

- Scrunchies (keep this in the washroom or in the area you get ready to keep any one of our wonderful and fun scrunchies in a convenient place!) – link

- Earrings/rings (keep this in the washroom or in the area you get ready to keep all your rings or earrings in a convenient place!) – link


Not only are they great for yourself (treat yourself, obviously) they make great gifts as well! The person in your life who receives a lovely gift of self-care and moments to indulge (while taking good care of their skin) will appreciate that you took the time to show how much you care about them.

Whatever you do with your Scented Body Butter container after you are done lovingly using it, we want to see your ideas! Show us how you reuse & tag us on Instagram to be featured on our story @thescentedmarket

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