Kristy Miller CEO of The Scented Market holding a soy candle

The Story of The Scented Market

It was five o’clock in the morning when I shot straight up in bed, with my eyes wide open. 

I'd just had one of those dreams that felt so real. The kind of dream where you have to take a few minutes to relive it before you realize that it was all in your head.

This time the dream wasn’t going to stay in my head.

I rolled over to my husband, who is now affectionately known as “Waxman” and told him I'd just had the greatest divine download.

He looked at me with confusion in his eyes and patiently awaited my response. 

I’m going to start a candle business and it’s going to be called The Scented Market” - I blurted out with excitement.

Waxman’s eyes widened and I knew in that moment I had his support. I knew he thought I was totally out of my mind, because who am I to start another a business with two young kids and a husband in tow - but he knew my drive and passion always wins.

Let’s just point out that these types of conversations typically take place over breakfast, after both of us are about halfway done our coffees and our brains can handle my enthusiasm.

Even though I knew he was fully supportive, despite not saying anything yet, I knew I had to finish my thought before he told me that we needed coffee to finish the conversation.


In that moment I knew EXACTLY what the scent of my first soy wax candle was going to be.

Before Waxman could speak one word, I blurted out that my first scent was going to be that perfect Sunday morning coffee. I knew this was perfect because I have never found a great coffee candle and our house doesn’t operate before there is coffee. Honestly, I’m still surprised I got this whole thought out before Waxman could stop me and say he needed a cup!

I’ll never know how crazy he thought I was in that moment or if he thought this vision would just pass and that’s okay. Two years after that moment in bed, this “cute little candle business” took on employees, grew out of its workshop, and blossomed into an amazing women-led initiative to burn cleaner, healthier candles.

BUT FIRST, COFFEE is the candle that reminds us all to follow our dreams no matter how wild they may sound before we’ve drunk our coffee. You never know what kind of crazy business you’ll create at five a.m.!

Purchase a But First, Coffee candle today to get your inspiration flowing!

but first, coffee soy wax candle

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But First, Coffee is the best scent I have ever found in a candle. Love it!!!

Jan McChesney

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