Goodbye Bugs & Odours, Hello Summer Nights

Goodbye Bugs & Odours, Hello Summer Nights

There's something so magical about the return of warm weather the sun stays out later, people come out of hibernation, and we no longer have to bundle up and brace for the cold chill of winter!

This Spring and Summer, whether you're hosting a backyard bash with friends or a movie night with family, we’ve got a pro tip to take your outdoor and indoor living to the next level… Get on our Summer Nights Collection!

Crafted with paraben and phthalate-free scented oils, this Soy Candle and Spray collection contains an aromatic blend of lemongrass and eucalyptus that deters bugs and eliminates odours. 

Summer Nights offers a cleaner alternative to conventional bug-repellent products that may contain harsh chemicals. Instead, enjoy the peace of mind of creating a safer environment for yourself and your loved ones with a more gentle product line!

The candles are made with renewable and sustainable soy wax that contains no dyes or gluten. Plus, each is crafted to ensure a clean and even burn, providing hours of scent. 

They are also decorative Our Summer Nights 4-wick, Glass Vase, and Dough Bowl Candles offer a touch of elegance, while our Lanterns add a warm glow to any outdoor gathering. 

From Sprays and Tea Lights to Wax Melts and 2-wick Candles there's a solution for every occasion. 

Whether applying some Spray to ward off bugs during a backyard campfire or lighting some Tea Lights for a cozy evening indoors, these products seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor. The combination of lemongrass and eucalyptus eliminates unpleasant household odours (like those left over from a party) leaving your space smelling fresh and inviting for all to enjoy.

We are committed to offering purposeful, sustainable products for conscious living.

Ultimately, Summer Nights is more than just a collection of products it's a lifestyle choice. By choosing cleaner household products, you’re enhancing your Spring and Summer experience while supporting a healthier planet. 

So, as the seasons change and the temperatures rise, let the scent of lemongrass and eucalyptus ensure you create those memorable evenings with your loved ones, minus any unwanted bugs or odours!

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