Kristy Miller standing in front of The Scented Market Guelph location

Running A Small Business During A Pandemic

Running a small business everyday  takes heart, soul, 24/7 attention and unlimited positive motivation. Running a business during a worldwide pandemic takes SO much more.

 As an entrepreneur, business is constantly something on my mind. There is always something I should or could be working on. Now, during the pandemic there is a constant fear of what it will throw at me next. There is no guarantee, policy or paperwork outlining 100% proper customer service, there is no “right” decision for how to adapt while keeping staff, customers & the business safe.

 As my fellow entrepreneurs & business junkies know, we’re always planning at least 8 months ahead, but now we’re struggling to plan for months that may look completely different than what they do right now. The financial risk is higher than ever as the world is not only shut down, and I’m trying to make decisions with no idea of what the future holds.

 A small business is only as good as the people inside of it. The heart of the business. Being a business owner is a double-sided sword, I need to focus on growing my company and keeping my store open, all the while making sure my employees are happy & feel safe coming to work.

Thankfully, all of you have been so amazing! Even in the middle of a pandemic, The Scented Market has been able to grow in so many ways, launch new products & adapt to online changes. Because of you, I get to keep creating! I have so much more in store for you, THANK YOU for supporting my dream!

Xo – Kristy

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