Kristy Miller CEO of The Scented Market

Meet Your Maker!

Hello, my name is Kristy and I am the owner and creator of The Scented Market. I am a mom of three boys, a wife to a loving husband, and I have English bulldog named Dozer!
I have had a love of candles for years and literally woke up out of bed one morning (before coffee!) and decided to turn my love into my work!

After much discussion in our household I decided to move forward with The Scented Market!
My oldest boy set up my Etsy shop, Website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. My middle son cuts the candle wicks and applies the safety stickers to the bottom of each candle, all while my youngest toddler feeds us goldfish ;)

I run this business with hard work and pride, hand pouring each candle and tying each piece of twine with love from my kitchen.

If one day you ever find yourself driving through Ariss, Ontario stop and enjoy nature, take a deep breath and be grateful for everyday

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