5 Tips For Creating Effective Displays

5 Tips For Creating Effective Displays

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Customers want to see well crafted, interesting and eye catching displays when they enter your retail space. This is why creating effective displays is crucial for your business.

How can you create displays your customers will be drawn to? You are in luck, we have our top 5 tips to help you out!

1. Encourage customers to touch/smell the product.

Customers want to know what products feel like/smell like before they purchase, this is a crucial part of the buying process.

Having testers that are easily accessible can be the difference between a purchase or product being left on the shelf.

Extra tip : Have a jar of coffee beans handy so that customers can cleanse their nasal passages between sniffs! 

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2. Leverage cross-merchandising.

There are a couple of ways to execute cross-merchandising in your retail space.

The first is to merchandise items that go together. For example, adding our Dish Soap or Hand Soap to a display of beautiful hand towels or kitchen towels.

Another great way to cross-merchandise is to group items with the same theme.

For example, our friends at Weston Golf & Country Club have done a wonderful job at showing off their custom onesies along side our Bundle Of Joy scented candle. If the item for baby catches the eye of a customer, the candle is in direct view which can help boost sales!

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3. Keep your retail space well-lit.

A dark and drab space doesn't tend to make customers want to stick around long. Creating a bright, inviting space is a crucial step in your customers wanting to spend time in and ultimately shop in your store. Accent lighting can also be used to draw attention to particular products that you would like to feature. A nice lamp or other source of lighting will help draw the eye to your displays.

4. Add a touch of green.

I don't know about you, but plants just make me happy! Adding greenery and other florals into your displays will help "breathe life" into your space. Not only does this create a visual appeal, it also creates an inviting, less stressful shopping experience for your customers.  If you don't have a green thumb no worries, the greenery doesn't have to be real!

Below you can see how our show stopping pampas grass bicycle in our Guelph location creates the ultimate focal point!


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5. Get in the spirit!

Is there a holiday or special event coming up? Or maybe you are celebrating a new season starting? Take advantage and add a little spice to your retail space.

Some simple decorations or incorporating a holiday color scheme can really create buzz and encourage people to look at specific products.

The example below shows how the Weston Golf & Country Club have displayed our Spring/Summer scents. A pop of color and an adorable "Spring Has Sprung" letter board helped created a focal point for their customers.

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The biggest thing to remember is to tap into your creativity when it comes to creating your retail displays. Over time you will learn what your customers respond to and what is best for maximizing sales in your space.

We would love to see how you are displaying your products from The Scented Market! You can share photos with us by emailing to wholesale@thescentedmarket.ca . We may even feature them in our social media and give your business a shout out!
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