Top Five at home self care tips

Top 5 At Home Self Care Tips

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. After all, if your cup is not full, how can you pour into someone else’s? It’s easy to lose sight of all the things you can do to help fill your cup, so we have put together our top 5 ways to indulge in some self-care at home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Whether you love to clean the house in one go or not, it can seriously bring up your mood. Decluttering and organizing rooms or spaces that feel overwhelming can allow you to lower your stress levels.

Our favourite way to get into the cleaning mood is by turning on our favourite jams and of course using our go-to products: Scented Counter Spray, Scented Dish Soap and our Room Sprays. The scents from each product help liven up your home bringing that fresh clean smell.

Move Your Body

It’s cold outside, but that’s no excuse to sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix. Okay, it totally is an excuse, BUT this is only good after you have taken some time to move your body and get the blood flowing.

Our favourite way is through some light yoga in the morning. We find it’s even better when we light one of our Essential Oil Candles to really set the mood. We add a candle to the top of our mat next to our water, dim the lights and put on some soothing music. This sets the perfect mood for letting go, relaxing and giving your body some love.


A Little Me Time

Sometimes all we need is to escape into the bathroom for a long bath or shower, by ourselves. The best part about this me time is there are so many ways you can make it more enjoyable. For our bath lovers we love to turn on a good podcast, light one of our soy wax candles, add bath salts to our water and of course indulge in a luxurious bath bomb or bubble bath. If you aren’t into podcasts, some light music and a good book held up by our bathtub tray is sure to take your me time to the next level. 

Some of us love a good shower with a shower steamer, music and soy wax candle to make our me time feel more relaxing and all about us.

Adding in great smelling natural products to your me time can help decrease your stress and cortisol levels leaving you feeling great.


Journaling & Meditation

There’s nothing like starting your day or ending your day letting out your thoughts and releasing any unwanted energy. Whether you enjoy guided meditations, journal prompts or just going all in with some free writing, there is nothing better than setting the mood with one of our dough bowls.

Grab your favourite hot drink in one of our gorgeous mugs and light your dough bowl before you get to your meditation or journaling. We love how grounded we feel after this practice and how the ambiance of the dough bowl helps us feel calm.


The Little Things

Sometimes it’s just the little things for self care that can go a long way. It can be as simple as getting up and washing your face every day. Maybe it’s just the fact that you made your bed this morning. No matter what it is, let the little things count.

Our favourite little things for our self care routine include our roller ball perfumes. One roll of these each morning or even throughout the day can help bring your energy levels up and make you feel confident. 

When you do have to leave the house, we even have two more tricks up our sleeves that lets you take self-care with you. Our car freshener and oils let you take your favourite scents with you, making your car feel like you are at home. The last little trick we have is our scented gel hand sanitizer. It’s perfect for on the go and will keep your hands clean when you need most.


Take Care of Yourself 

We know it’s hard these days to make sure that you are taking care of yourself because there are so many other things going on. We want to remind you that it’s okay to take some time each day, even if it is just the little things, to take care of yourself. You’ll be able to take care of all the things from a much better space.

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