"Tips for Enjoying the Last Few Weeks of Summer" text on top of a beach background with Beach Day Hand Sanitizer and Beach Day Hand & Body Lotion

Tips for Enjoying the Last Few Weeks of Summer

"Tips for Enjoying the Last Few Weeks of Summer" on top of a beach background with Beach Day Hand Sanitizer and Beach Day Hand & Body Lotion

Right now you’re probably seeing school supplies and fall decor in stores. Some people love this, others not so much, but no matter how you feel the reality is that fall is just around the corner. 

However, it is STILL summer! The kids aren’t back in school yet, we’re still in the 20s (most days) and leaves are still green. So, if you’re a warm weather lover, make it your mission to have a great last couple weeks of summer! Here are some ideas for how to do so.

Check out a Farmers’ Market

There’s nothing like walking around in the sunshine surrounded by fresh, seasonal produce grown by some friendly faces in your community. Stock up on all the summer fruits you can eat or buy and preserve them for year round enjoyment. Then, unwind at the end of the day with more fruity goodness by enjoying a Peaches or Raspberry Bush Bath Bomb or Bath Salt.

Take a Day Trip

Visit a place you enjoy or a new place you want to check out. This could be a provincial park, an amusement park, a big city or a beach! 

If you’re spending lots of time in the car, make sure it’s smelling good with a Car Freshener and Oil Fragrance. We also recommend carrying some Hand Sanitizer for eating on the go. Oh and don’t forget to apply some sunscreen if it’s going to be sunny out!

Once you’re home and have washed off the day, apply some Hand & Body Lotion to keep your sun-kissed skin nice and moisturized.

Go Camping 

Immerse yourself in nature go camping! There’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than with days filled with hiking, swimming and campfires.

Before heading to your campsite, be sure to pack a Roller Ball Perfume if you’ve got one. It’s perfect for keeping yourself smelling great, even while out in the wilderness!

Do ‘Nothing’!

If you’re usually really busy and have some time off, just enjoy a lazy day at home! Sit outside and paint your nails, read a book, enjoy a drink, etc. When hanging out inside, cycle through some summer-y scented candles, such as those in our Summer Collection Candle Sample Pack

Whatever you choose to do, remember to go at your own pace. Some people like to do more, some like to do less. It’s entirely up to you and what feels right. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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