The History of St. Patrick’s Day

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

On St. Patrick’s Day many of us love to wear green, decorate with shamrocks, and maybe have a drink or two with friends, but do you know how this jolly day came to be?

St. Patrick’s Day began with St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain but was kidnapped as a teen and brought to Ireland as a slave. He used faith to help him overcome hardship before escaping and finding his purpose in bringing Christianity to the Irish people. He died in the fifth century on March 17. According to Time Magazine, it wasn’t until 1631 that the Church established March 17 as a Feast Day in St. Patrick’s honour.

One legend about St. Patrick is that he used the Irish three-leaf clover (shamrock) to explain the Holy Trinity, which is why the shamrock is now synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day.

According to, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations first arose in America in 1601, in present-day Florida. Then, over a century later, Irish soldiers within the English military filled the streets of New York City to march on St. Patrick’s Day. From there the celebrations only grew, branching into other early American cities as Irish patriotism among American immigrants flourished.

Furthermore, states that in 1845 approximately 1 million Irish Catholics fled to America to escape Ireland’s Great Potato Famine. Unfortunately, they were ostracized for their unfamiliar accents and religious beliefs. When they gathered for St. Patrick’s Day parades, newspapers often portrayed them as drunken caricatures. However, after a while, they realized that their increasing numbers granted them political power. Thus the “green machine” voting bloc was established and St. Patrick’s Day parades became a showcase of Irish American strength.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? If you’re looking to get your Irish on, here are some suggestions that will leave you feeling lucky!

First, decorate your home with shamrocks. Then, have some fun with a friend getting your nails painted green, enjoying an Irish drink, or cooking a traditional Irish dish such as Irish Stew, Colcannon, or Coddle. Lastly, be sure to get your hands on one of our Irish Cream candles! This silky smooth treat is our Scent of the Month for March. Enjoy top notes of cream infused with caramel and a bottom note of vanilla. It’ll make you feel warm on the inside and out!


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