The 411 on Wood Wick Candles

The 411 on Wood Wick Candles

The sound of a crackling fire is music to our ears! Do you agree? If so then you must love sitting around campfires and fireplaces!

But what if you don’t have either? How can you enjoy the relaxing sound of a fire, minus the wood and kindling? And no, the fireplace channel doesn’t count!

If you guessed a wood wick candle, you’re right!

Wood wick candles are exactly like what they sound they are candles that have a wooden wick.

People choose to light these over other types of candles for a number of reasons.

In addition to having a pleasant crackling sound when lit, wood wick candles also have a wider fragrance throw than conventional cotton wick candles do because the wood diffuses heat more rapidly into the wax. 

Wooden wicks are also sustainable and result in a cleaner burning candle. Thousands of wicks can be made from a single tree and, so long as they are trimmed properly before each burn, they’ll produce less soot and smoke when lit compared to conventional candle wicks. Just be sure to trim the black part off the wick before you relight it.

Speaking of lighting it, to do so you will need to tilt the candle on an angle and let the flame spread across the length of the wick. For its first burn, ensure you budget a couple of hours, enough time for the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the jar. Otherwise, you risk the wax tunneling, which is when it burns downwards as opposed to outwards. 

Because the wax in these candles is being exposed to heat more quickly, it won’t last long if it’s made purely of soy.  

Compared to soy wax, palm wax is firmer and longer lasting. Fortunately, both are non toxic and considered to be clean-burning waxes. Therefore some candle makers will combine soy and palm waxes for the best clean burning candle that won’t melt too quickly when paired with a wood wick, as is the case with our Teakwood Escape Candle.

Teakwood Escape gives you that relaxing crackly sound you’ll grow to love in a wood wick candle, along with a charming, woodsy teakwood scent and a stylish copper jar. 

Enjoy your candle, and, once you are done burning it, wash out the jar and use as a pot for plants or as a container for bathroom or office supplies!

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