How to keep pesky bugs away this Summer

Keep pesky bugs away this Summer!

With the warmer weather finally here, more people are outside to soak up some sun. Unfortunately the warmer weather also brings out bugs like pesky mosquitoes.

Having mosquitoes buzzing around and taking a bite out of your skin is not an enjoyable experience. I don't think there is a single person on the planet who enjoys being swarmed by bugs.

While mainstream bug repellants have their place in the market, it isn’t advised to use them all day/every day. By stocking Summer Nights products in your retail space, you are providing your customers with an alternative product that will allow them to enjoy their time outdoors!

So what are the benefits of our Summer Nights Collection VS mainstream bug repellants?

Free of chemicals.

Our Summer Nights products do not contain any of the harmful chemicals that are found in mainstream bug repellents. Using the most effective combination of essential oils, we are able to repel the pesky insects without harming our bodies or the environment.

No irritation to the skin.

Summer Nights is a safe oil blend that is gentle on the skin and should not cause irritation like other chemical filled repellants. It also does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin after application.

Pleasant Scent.

Unlike mainstream bug repellents that have an overwhelming chemical smell, our Summer Nights Collection has a pleasant aroma. Our custom blend can help to relieve stress and calm the body along with the benefit of keeping bugs away!

Multi-Use Product.

We love creating products that can be used for more than one purpose. Summer Nights was designed not only to be a bug repellant but it also works as an odour eliminator indoors. 

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 Check out our Summer Nights Collection of products below and stock up today!

Bug Repellant

Tea Lights

Wax Melts

19 oz Candle

69 oz Candle



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