Soy Wax- Why We Use It

Soy Wax- Why We Use It

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Quality ingredients produce quality products, in todays blog we are sharing all about why we chose soy wax for our iconic candles.


Soy wax is derived from soy beans and is a natural, ‎renewable and ‪‎sustainable resource. Using soy wax not only helps the environment but supports our local farming industry!

With melted wax comes the risk of a spill. Have no fear though, soy wax is easily cleaned up with basic soap and water. Other forms of wax are much more difficult to clean in the event of a spill.


Soy wax produces zero petrol-carbon soot. This means there is no risk of black residue on your walls, window coverings and other home furnishings. Soy wax is non-toxic which makes it a safe alternative for those with health issues like asthma and allergies.


Not only is soy wax better for our environment and for your health, it burns up to 50% longer than other forms of wax. Soy wax melts at a lower temperature which results in you enjoying your candles for a longer period of time!


Because soy wax comes from a natural source, it releases a more genuine scent than other types of wax. This allows you to enjoy your chosen scent to the fullest.

During the production process our soy wax is heated to a very specific temperature to keep the integrity of the wax and to ensure the best scent throw possible.

Consumers are more aware of the products they are bringing into their homes. Not only how they benefit by using the products but how safe they are for their families.

Using the information above to educate your customers can help drive sales and increase customer loyalty.



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