Set The Mood With Our Perfume Sprays

Set The Mood With Our Perfume Sprays

You may have seen our rollerball perfumes, but did you know that we recently launched a line of spray perfumes? 

Yes, after a year of development we are so excited to introduce you to Coral Sands and Cool Quartz, our fabulous new perfumes! In addition to being phthalate-free and not tested on animals, they smell beautiful and come in pretty glass bottles filled with gold-coloured flakes. When you’re not spritzing yourself, we dare you to resist swirling the flakes in the bottle around!  

Each perfume has a distinct scent that can help set the mood for different occasions. Not sure which scent would complement an outing to the market versus a romantic dinner date? No problem, we’re here to help! Here are our picks for the perfect occasions to wear each scent.

Coral Sands

Coral Sands is a light, tropical scent. Wearing it always makes us feel cheerful and fun. It's a great choice for soaking up some sun at the beach, enjoying rides and treats at a summer carnival, getting groovy at an outdoor concert or shopping for fresh produce at a farmer’s market. 

Cool Quartz

Cool Quartz is a deep, warm and passionate scent. When we wear it it makes us feel chic and confident. It’s a good pick for getting dressed up and dining at a nice restaurant, attending a fancy event like a wedding or awards gala or enjoying a fun night out with friends.


However you decide to wear your perfume, we hope it makes you feel beautiful and confident and reminds you of many joyful and special memories to come!

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