National Public Health Week- Wash & Sanitize Your Hands!

National Public Health Week- Wash & Sanitize Your Hands!

You heard us! This coming week (April 7-14) is actually National Public Health Week. We have learned and heard so much about our Local Public Health branches in the past few years, and it hasn’t been easy. Making it through is a special thing, and we want to honour those people. Say “Thank you!” or “I appreciate you!” to anyone in Public Health (including nurses and doctors) it hasn’t been an easy fight. 

So, spring is coming and we are all very excited for this nice weather, but it is still important to keep those hands nice and clean! We have some amazing products to help you through! 

Scented Hand Sanitizer- because why use anything else? It’s hard enough to carry it around and use it more than we are used to, at least these smell like all the products you know and love and will leave your hands feeling fresh and soft. 

To keep the softness going, we recommend you pair it with our Scented Hand and Body Lotion, keeping those hands soft is hard when washing/sanitizing all the time! It doesn’t have to be that hard. Trust us, it’s worth it. 

And if you’re at home, and not on-the-go with your sanitizer, we have a line of Scented Foaming Hand Soap that you will love! As we have been told by our wonderful Public Health Officials, washing our hands is ideal over sanitizer, but both have helped us get through the past few years (along with other measures) so keep those hands clean at every turn! 

Keeping everybody safe is the number one priority and doing little things for ourselves and our communities adds up in big, impactful ways. 

Our year-round scents that the Scented Hand Sanitizer comes in are: 

  • Eucalyptus Lavender- a calming blend of florals used for relaxation (& refill)
  • Just Breathe- a fresh blend of eucalyptus and peppermint. Great for opening airways. Breathe in that fresh crisp air! (& refill)
  • Cashmere- a soft smooth scent similar to the feeling on your skin when you slide your arm into your favourite sweater and cuddle in a nice warm blanket! (& refill)

Other Scented Hand Sanitizers that come in more seasonal scents are: 

  • Tis The Season- a soft blend of Balsam fir and a hint of citrus. A joyous Christmas blend. (& refill)
  • Sleigh Ride- a fresh blend of outdoor greenery and crisp apples! (&
  • Hello Pumpkin- our popular Pumpkin Spice scent with a rebrand! That smell of a freshly baked pumpkin pie coming out of the oven with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. (& refill)

Our year-round Scented Hand & Body Lotion comes in some of our classic and most loved scents and a favourite summer scent! 

Cashmere Hand & Body Lotion

Raspberry Bush Hand & Body Lotion

Eucalyptus Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

Just Breathe Hand & Body Lotion

Our Foaming Hand Soaps are in all your favourite year-round and seasonal scents and also come with refills, because we love when you re-use your Scented Market packaging!

Warmth Foaming Hand Soap & Refill

Cashmere Foaming Hand Soap & Refill

Eucalyptus Lavender Foaming Hand Soap & Refill

Just Breathe Foaming Hand Soap & Refill


Not only are any of these products great for yourself (treat yourself) they make great gifts as well! The person in your life who receives a lovely gift of self-care and moments to indulge (while taking good care of their skin) will appreciate that you took the time to show how much you care about them. We are also keeping one another safe, and that is always appreciated. 

However you gift or use your products, or if you have an awesome #shelfie that we should see, tag us on Instagram to be featured on our story @thescentedmarket 

About The Scented Market

The Scented Market recognized a need for more at home self care by creating and hand making products such as Scented Soy Candles, Room Sprays, Bath Salts, Bubble Bath and so much more! We have created a lifestyle brand of products and pride ourselves in being eco-friendly. While both using the best quality ingredients in our products, and also looking at our footprint by offering reusable, recyclable packaging, we have a jar return program at each store and also offer candle refills.  Our eco-friendly packaging combined with our self-care mission allows our community to bring the spa home and feel good about it.
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