It’s Time to Embrace Christmas Shopping in the Summer

It’s Time to Embrace Christmas Shopping in the Summer

Have you heard of our Christmas in July sale? Maybe you’re thinking, “Yes, I love Christmas! Bring it on. I’m ready to get my shop on.” Or maybe, you’re more like, “What? Christmas in July? It's way too early to think about Christmas!” If it's the latter, we get it; nobody wants to think about winter right now — but hear us out: there are some benefits to doing your Christmas shopping early! Here are our top reasons for doing Christmas shopping now.

Saves money
Sometimes in the winter when you’re out shopping and looking for deals, you won’t always find them, but that probably won’t stop you from buying your loved ones gifts. You might just cringe a little when you hear your total! That’s why you should consider taking advantage of a good deal in the summer — it might not be there in the winter. If you know what some of your family members, friends, teachers, or coworkers like for gifts (maybe candles, for example), it’s easy to purchase gifts in advance and know that they will appreciate them come Christmas.

Saves time
When December comes around, do you find yourself making multiple shopping trips throughout the month or placing orders online frequently? Maybe you do lots of shopping over one or two days and get most of what you need, but then you find that you’ve forgotten things or want to grab more stocking stuffers or smaller gifts. It happens to all of us, and ‘little’ trips here and there can add up quickly. If you do some shopping early, you’ll have more time opened up in the winter for other things, like self-care and impromptu get-togethers!

Saves energy
December is a fun time, with lots of parties, winter events, and the overall feeling of holiday cheer, but add Christmas shopping to the mix, and you can probably agree that it's a tiring time as well. If you can do some of your shopping early, your future self will thank you! You might feel more prepared, relaxed, and energized come December.

Have fun shopping all of the summer sales out there! We hope that when Christmas does come around again, you can rest easier knowing you planned, saved a bit of money, and gave yourself enough time to enjoy self-care and holiday get-togethers.

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