Gift Recommendations For Men

Gift Recommendations For Men

It's a common misconception that our store only caters to women. After all, men also enjoy a nice smelling home, relaxing ambience and a little self-care here and there! So, if you’re looking to get a gift for that special guy in your life, consider candles or other scented home products as well as bath and body items. Here are our top picks for men — to compliment every part of their day!

First things first, it’s shower time! If a nice warm shower is how your guy begins his day, how about upgrading the experience with a shower steamer or a bar of scented soap? 

Our Shower Steamers are great for filling the shower with soothing aromatics and our Scented Soap Bars are perfect for a good scrubbing up. 

After their shower, it's grooming time. If they have facial hair, that might include combing their beard and adding a little oil to condition it. We have a Beard Oil Kit that includes everything they’d need for this part of their day. All you have to do is choose the scent you think they’d like!

Your guy has gotten ready for the day and is now ready to jump in the car and head to work. If he’s one to prioritize keeping his car clean and smelling good then you should consider getting him a car freshener. However, instead of buying a pack of disposable ones, get him a reusable one. 

Our Car Fresheners are made with three unscented wool balls that can be scented with an oil fragrance of your choice! For men we recommend Lake Huron Sunset

The scent will last for weeks and if they want to try a new scent afterwards they can put the freshener into the linen bag it comes in and then toss it in the wash.

Once they’re home from work, it's time to relax. How about lighting one of our soy candles?

In terms of scents men might like, we’ve had guys tell us they enjoy our Cashmere scented candles for their soft, smooth and clean linen scent. It's the perfect scent for them to light when they’re at home unwinding after a long day of work.

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a work promotion or you just want to pamper him, the man in your life is sure to love your gift. What matters the most is that it came from YOU! 

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