Get Excited for Fall with Warm and Cozy Decor

Get Excited for Fall with Warm and Cozy Decor

Get Excited for Fall with Warm and Cozy Decor - title text on top of a photo of fall decor products.

What better way to get excited for fall than with some fresh decor ideas?  

At The Scented Market we’ve recently restocked our fall decor. If you visit us in store or online you can find something to add a touch of warm and cozy to every room in your home!

We’ve been having so much fun brainstorming ideas on how to incorporate these new pieces into our homes that we wanted to share some of them with you, too. So, if you’d like some fall decor inspo, read on!

Firstly, try adding one of our Mini Ladders to your kitchen or bathroom counter. This adorable wooden ladder is the perfect size to hang a fall tea towel or hand towel, along with some of our Fall Decor Beads for a playful touch. The great thing about the Mini Ladder is that you can use it every season you just need to swap out your towels and decor beads!

Next up is our fall-scented products. From the crisp apple cider scent of It’s Fall Y’all to the vanilla and brown sugar blend of Warmth, we have a variety of scents to bring back your favourite fall memories, or help you to create new ones! Add them into your home with our Soy Candles, Reed Diffusers and Scented Sprays.

To create a cute, cohesive display, place one of your fall-scented products onto a Candle Stand, Display Board or Decorative Tray alongside two or three fall-themed decorations. 

Choose from our Fall Gnomes, Small or Medium Fabric Pumpkins, Pumpkin Patch Signs and Pumpkin Candles

Lastly, if you’re a fan of our Dough Bowl Candles, we have a pumpkin-shaped one that you’re sure to love! Dough Bowl Candles are statement pieces in and of themselves, so feel free to let yours shine on its own or place it on a fall-themed table runner surrounded by small seasonal objects like acorns, pinecones, leaves, etc. 

Place your displays anywhere you want to add a little touch of fall to your home, such as your kitchen table, fireplace mantel or bedroom dresser.

Have fun decorating and we hope your transition into fall is a smooth one!

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