Candle Making Classes Are Awesome — Here’s Why

Candle Making Classes Are Awesome — Here’s Why

Have you ever been to a candle making class? They offer a truly unique and rewarding experience and have become quite popular these days as more and more stores offer them! 

Here at The Scented Market, we host our own soy candle making classes, called Sip & Pour classes, where you can pour your own 8 oz mason jar candle to take home with you! These classes are available at our Guelph, Fergus, and Blue Mountain stores.

If you haven’t attended a candle making class, and are wondering what all of the hype is about, let us tell you! Here are the Top 10 reasons why we love our Sip & Pour classes.

1. Bond with family and/or friends

Creating candles together is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Catch up while you pour, and laugh together over any clumsy moments!

2. Meet new people

These classes give you the opportunity to meet people who share the same interest. Chat up your peers, and maybe you’ll come away from the class with a new friend!

3. Appropriate for all skill levels

With the proper instruction and materials, just about anyone can pour a candle. You don’t need to be the most experienced or creative. All you need to do is pay attention to your instructor and you will be well on your way to creating a beautiful candle! 

4. Learn a new skill

Expanding your skill set is never a bad idea, plus you’ll get that sense of satisfaction and pride in trying something new.

5. Relax and unwind

Sitting down and pouring a candle can be very relaxing! Slow and steady pouring is encouraged and the overall process is very satisfying: Let your worries melt away as you focus on pouring the smooth, hot wax into your jar, and then blending the scent in with your stir stick. 

6. Create your own candle

This isn't a candle you bought at a store this is a candle that was hand poured by YOU! Take your candle home, light it, and take pride in the beautiful decor piece that you created!

7. Create a special memory

Whether you go to class with loved ones or by yourself, you will have the memory of creating your own candle to cherish for years to come!

8. Enjoy treats*

Every ticket includes a sweet treat and a beverage for you to enjoy while pouring your candle! So, not only are you treating your nose, but you are treating your taste buds too!

9. Play games with the chance to win prizes*

While waiting for your candle to set, your instructor will lead you in candle games, with the winners earning a prize!

10. Enjoy a discounted rate on store products*

After you’re done pouring your candle and playing games, you have the chance to shop the entire store and enjoy 10% off your purchase! It's a great opportunity to stock up on your favourite products, try new ones, or buy gifts for your loved ones. 

So, ready to get your candle making on? If you’d like to book a Sip & Pour class or find more information about our classes, visit our website and click on the Candle Making Classes tab. 

*Applies to Guelph & Fergus classes only
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