A Cozy Morning & Night Routine for Fall

A Cozy Morning & Night Routine for Fall

Fall is the season for coziness. When the weather starts to get colder it's the perfect time to embrace some new takes on your daily routine that will make you feel warm and cozy! Read on for our feel-good recommendations for starting and ending your day this season.

Fall morning routine

We like to start our day off with a Shower Steamer. In the fall, this is an especially good idea because noses start to get stuffy with the seasonal change and circulation of colds and flus. Shower Steamers provide aromatherapy and help to open up your airways.

After your shower, get ready for the day and put on your coziest fall clothes, such as a soft flannel top, jeans, and a pair of cozy socks, like our knit Bring Me A Pumpkin Spice Latte socks. Don’t forget your favourite pieces of Jewelry to complete your look.

As you head into the kitchen for your morning tea or coffee, light a candle to set a cozy ambiance. Right now we are loving Black Cherry, which is our Scent of the Month for October! It is a delightful blend of juicy and sweet with a subtly dark undertone.

Pick your favourite fall mug we’ve been using our Hello There Pumpkin Mug and let your drink energize you for whatever is coming up on your agenda for the day.

Fun fall night routine

After dinner, enjoy a fun and relaxing evening at a Candle Making Class! If you haven’t been to one before, our Sip & Pour classes allow you to pour your own 8 oz Scented Soy Candle, enjoy a treat and beverage, and play candle games with the chance to win prizes. You also have the opportunity to meet other candle lovers and make some new friends! Invite a friend or family member along and enjoy the many benefits this class has to offer.

Once home, light your freshly poured candle and unwind with a warm bath. Try the mini bath bombs in our special Halloween Bath Bomb Cauldron or fill your tub with some soothing Warmth or Homemade Bath Salts. Whichever you choose, enjoy the feeling of a pampered mind and body.

To wrap up the night, enjoy a hot Pumpkin Chai Tea while reading or watching TV. The smooth and spicy flavour of pumpkin and chai will warm you up like a big hug before bed!

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