3 Benefits of Burning Scented Soy Candles in Your Home

3 Benefits of Burning Scented Soy Candles in Your Home

Have you ever wondered why people love scented soy candles so much? What is it about them that has people coming back for more? Yes, they smell nice, and soy wax offers a cleaner burn, but there are even more benefits to having them in your home — here are our top 3!

Promotes relaxation
There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day than dimming the lights,
lighting a scented soy candle, and then taking a bath, reading a book, or watching a good movie or TV show. The soft flicker of the candle flame creates a warm and
calming ambiance that perfectly sets the tone for winding down. In addition, choosing scents that are known to have calming effects will only increase your sense of relaxation. Try Eucalyptus Lavender or one of our Essential Oil Candles. You can also choose scents that you associate with calming activities, like Freshen Up, which will bring you back to the spa with its notes of cucumber and honeydew.

Improves your mood
Walking into a room and smelling a scent you like or associate with something
positive is an instant mood boost. For example, think of your morning cup of coffee. Does it ever fail to put a pep in your step? Then you’ll love But First, Coffee to enjoy that smooth and energizing scent anytime. Or how about the smell of fresh lake water? Does it remind you of standing at the shore watching the sunset? Then treat yourself to Lake Huron Sunset to enjoy that peaceful feeling at home. Spread the happy vibes by gifting your friends and family their favourite scents too!

Adds to your home decor
Scented soy candles come in many different vessels that you can use to
complement your home decor style. Wooden Dough Bowl Candles would be a fitting addition for those whose style is more rustic or farmhouse. If you prefer some industrial charm instead, you’ll love the copper vessel of the Teakwood Escape Wood Wick Candle. On the other hand, those with a minimalist style might like the clean and classy design of the Home Collection. Lastly, for those who love the beach aesthetic, the colourful glass vessels and beach glass embellishment of the Beach Glass Collection are a great choice.

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